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Our host brother (the fourth oldest in a family of 9 children) hardly speaks english, but it’s pretty apparent he’s a hopeless romantic.

Ahmed… Suave

As Anthony and I prepared for bed after our first day in the Badia — the region in the Mafraq Governorate of North Jordan composed of Bedouin families — Ahmed, 19, took a break from studying to talk with us. He in scant english, us in scant-er arabic.

After telling us how he’d done on his exams so far — great in one, 95 percent; not so good in another, 64 percent — he professed his love for Ismail.

“She, I, friends, two years,” he said. “Ahmed love Ismail two years.”

The problem is that Ismail got married a couple months ago… and not to our studious, lovesick host brother.

“Future, enta (you) find another girl, awya (yes)? Inshallah (God willing)?” I asked.

“Inshallah,” conceded Ahmed. Then he grabbed his pen again and scratched out some information on his college-ruled piece of paper.

“Inshallah,” he reaffirmed.

“But Ahmed love Ismail past, now, future,” he said, mouthing the words as he scribbled.

Then today, I sat reading in the Abu Yasser family’s expansive greeting/living room while Ahmed continued his studies (he’s in his second year at the University of Mafrak majoring in geology). He looked up from his thick work packet at Anthony tapping on his laptop.

“Anthony… Musica Titanic?”

After awhile we guessed he wanted to hear Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” from James Cameron’s tearjerker, Titanic. So Ant pulled up youtube, looked it up and hit play.

Saccharine for Matt and Anthony (or Mahmoud and Ahmed2, as our Bedouin family refers to us), mellifluous to Ahmed.

As Celine’s voice filled our little corner, Ahmed closed his eyes, tilted his head back to rest against the wall and cracked a smile.

“Beautiful,” he murmured.

He’s a lover not a fighter ladies.


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26/05/2012 at 9:02 am

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