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The last couple days have been a whirlwind of reporting. It’s been intense at times. It has also been maddening too. Not knowing the language, not having a professional translator, painstakingly setting up interviews with officials who are the wrong sources and people (who mean well) acting as roadblocks. All these barriers have reared their heads in the past, but every one of them seems to have made an appearance in the last 48 hours.

At certain times (and most likely the wrong ones) I jotted some of the things I was thinking as a result of these annoying obstructions. Here are two notes I wrote to myself while doing interviews (during a lull in conversation or when arabic was being spoken, but not translated) over the past couple of days. I feigned interest nodding and giving verbal confirmations to show I was interested, but this is what I wrote:

“Blahblahblah blah blarghhhhh everyone is screaming and talking at once. I know these people have suffered but how am I supposed to help or tell their story if they all answer at the same time? And then our translator doesn’t translate? F*¢k me?”

“I’m going to get f*^king sick again because I’ve been at this place for 3 f*&king hours. Need to sleep, but these people will not stop talking, will not let us leave and they are not even the sources we  f*&king need a lot. I just want to close my eyes and rest.  F*&k me.”

Unprofessional? Probably. Sue me. Call it a coping mechanism.


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30/05/2012 at 10:09 pm

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  1. I know I said it to you on the night after it happened, after you read this to me in the living room around midnight, but I love this. It’s just all sorts of perfect. I’m glad you shared it with everyone.


    19/06/2012 at 8:49 am

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