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Hi all,

Sorry I’ve been off the grid since monday (some of this is due to the nature of our little jaunt to south Jordan and a large part of it was my own conscious decision to open my computer as little as possible). The last five days have been exhilarating, mentally relaxing, physically taxing and plain exhausting.

Our trek included visits to Karak, Dana Biosphere Reserve, Petra(!), Wadi Rum(!!!) and Aqaba on the Red Sea, Jordan’s only seaport. So much of the trip is worth writing about and I fully intend to, but for now check out some of the pictures I snapped while away (I’ll apologize now for the almost complete absence of Wadi Rum photos. I initially kept my camera in our tent for fear of getting it mucked up with dust and sand, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that the last thing I wanted to do was hide behind the lens in one of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve ever seen.)

I woke up early the day we left Rummana Camp at the Dana Biosphere Reserve and sat by myself for nearly an hour taking in this view.

After spending the previous day going up and down (and up and down and…) the Reserve’s various trails and rocks that begged to by climbed, there was nothing better than drinking in this scene.

Next we headed to Petra. I’ll write more about it later, so for now I’ll sum it up in one word: magic

Trekking up some 1,000 steps in Petra earns you a view of this ancient Nabatean Monastery. Purty cool I’d say.

Wandering through more of Petra’s vertiginous canyons. So effin’ pretty. Look closely for Kevin — an Arabic student — to get an idea for the scale of this place.

As the sun arcs across the sky, it works its magic on Petra’s sandstone rock formations, changing them from burnt orange and grapefruit reds to ruby and deep amber.

Doing our best T.E. Lawrence at camp in Wadi Rum

Our last stop was Aqaba, a tourist beach spot where you can see Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel from the water. In all honesty, I would have traded it for another day in the desert sipping tea and scaling sand dunes. However, I did have lots of fun take photos of fellow Huskies jumping of our boat. I have tons of these, but nobody was more adept/more of a goof than Gina, who dreamed up and executed several creative ‘jumps’:

Cheesin’ #1

Cheesin’ #2

Cheesin’ ‘N’ Tebowin’


The sun setting over Egypt….or maybe Israel…or Palestine? I know it was pretty, that’s what I know.

That’s all for now. Ma’a Salama!


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